The books I’m waiting on in 2008* (fiction)

Eoin Purcell

In which Eoin reveals his desperate fantasy addiction

1) So when I hear that Steph Swainston was writing two new books set in the world of the Castle I was really excited. The first one seems to have changed title from Carniss Keep to Above The Snowline but is due in late November 2008.

2) If you haven’t started reading Steven Erikson yet, start now. This is detailed, realistic and epic yet magical and rooted in fantasy in way that makes Jordan look like an amateur (I say that as a lapsed fan of the late, great and desperately missed author). His latest is Toll of Hounds and is due in June 2008.

2) George RR Martin burst onto the scene for me if not for many others only a few years ago with A Game of Thrones. Now I am anxious to read his latest, which by his own admission he has not finished, in 2008.

4) In confirmation of my enormous nerdiness and fantasy addiction the fourth of my five books in 2008 is book three in Scott Lynch’s Gentlmen Bastards Sequence, The Republic of Thieves.

5) My last choice is not my usual fare but since Scott Pack announced this book some time ago and sent out PDf samples, I have been intrigued. The Equivoque Principle by Darren Craske will definitely be on my shelf some time in 2008.

Waiting and hoping,

* Watch out, as with all fiction these books may well slip and arrive in 2009!

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