The Equivoque Principle arrives on my desk: I’m pretty excited

Eoin Purcell

So I spilled the cash for The Friday Project’s tasty looking special edition of The Equivoque Principle and boy does it look sweet. I cobbled together a few pictures into a little video:

Sorry about the naff music, I’m still learning with these slideshows and what not!
Next time I’ll get it right!

I’ll have to hold off reading it for a bit. It is not just the huge TBR Pile:


But also as Penguin have kindly reminded me that I was sent The Waves SIX MONTHS AGO and need to get my skates on! Opps!

Worried and sorry, is it really six months already!

4 thoughts on “The Equivoque Principle arrives on my desk: I’m pretty excited

  1. Hi Eoin,

    Wow, two comments in one day.

    Since I read the opening chapters of this book on Frontlist many moons ago, I’ve been really looking forward to it. Hopefully my copy is in the post as we speak.
    Looking forward to hearing what you thought of it- when you eventually get around to reading it!



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