Bookseller Column: The Irish Blook

Eoin Purcell

I’m quite pleased with how this came out in the end.

The Irish blook


Blogging has been brewing up a media storm in the Irish media. Two weeks ago, well known commentator, John Waters, attacked the entire blogosphere on Newstalk, one of Ireland’s talk radio stations.

Following the lead of Andrew Keen in his book The Cult of the Amateur, John Waters said that blogs were “stupid”, “entirely cynical”, “entirely negative” and equivalent to the “wall of a toilet”. He also attacked the lack of authority and suggested that much of the internet was given over to pornography and self-gratification (of which he believes blogging to be an extension).

Unsurprisingly he was rebutted and lampooned by the blogging fraternity. Eventually he came head to head with one of Ireland’s more erudite bloggers Feargal Crehan (a barrister) and the results can be heard here.

Whatever about the merits of Waters’ arguments, they do raise the question of blogging’s role in Irish publishing. There are more than a few success stories in the field.

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6 thoughts on “Bookseller Column: The Irish Blook

  1. Eoin– i just wanted to surface from the lurkers to one of the visible fish who swim your site. As a poet, small press publisher, and 25 years employee of a major research library, and also-lover of fantasy, i often find your blog on topic and engaging. Thanks!

  2. Hi Eoin,

    Just wanted to congratulate you on your well-thought out and reasoned article. As someone who has benefitted from the blog to book phenomenon (if that’s the most appropriate word!), I feel that there is still a huge untapped resource of genuine merit out there in the blogosphere that most publishers have yet to take advantage of (or indeed take a risk with). Thankfully, some of them, like Merciers and The Friday Project have seen the opportunity and are (hopefully) capitalising on it.



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