I’ve got books, anyone want them?

Eoin Purcell

Update Two: All Gone Folks

Update: Two went within the first half hour but remarkably there is still one left! Tuesday 9.30 AM GMT

It pays to work for a publisher
in what can be described as a moderately innovative trial I have been given some books to disperse

3 Copies of The Wordmdigger’s Daughter by John Farrell

Molly and her husband Frank work on a large country estate in the 1920s. Hardship has already claimed the lives of three of their four children. Their remaining child, twelve-year-old Angel, is the focus of all their love and hope for the future. When Molly overhears a friend of the master of the estate lay claim to their young daughter, they steal away in the dead of night and take to travelling the roads of Ireland. Falsely accused of stealing from the estate, they become fugitives.

Now branded as criminals, they disguise Angel as a boy to avoid being identified as the thieves who fled the estate. They are helped by sympathetic farmers along the road but their lives are governed by the terror of being discovered, and above all, by their fear of what will happen to their daughter if they are caught. Their only hope lies with the ‘Brotherhood’ and with some influential Americans who befriend them, offering the possibility of escape – but at a terrible price.


The first three e-mails to commissioning AT mercierpress DOT ie get em (include your address for posting).

This is fun!

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