Go local with Librarything & Well Done Ice Cream Ireland & Head Rambles

Eoin Purcell

Monday, bloody Monday!
Mondays have been getting busier for some reason and today was no different. On the plus side Good Times & Bad was put @ No. 4 in the Irish Times paperback Non-Fiction Bestseller List. It’s a really great read and well worth it at only €19.99.

Blog Awards
Well done to two/three soon to be Mercier Author’s; The Brother’s Murphy who were named best business blog for Ice Cream Ireland and Grandad who won joint best personal blog for Head Rambles at the Irish Blog Awards in Dublin over the weekend.

Librarything have been doing some excellent stuff and doing it well for a good while now. I remain amazed that a publisher hasn’t bought the remaining shares (assuming they could be bought) or even just bought Abeboooks to get the share they own of the company. They are really doing exciitng work in two areas right now and have today launched a third. The newest is called LibraryThing Local and it allows users to add pretty flexible information about everything from fairs to bookstores:

LibraryThing Local is a handy reference, but it’s also interactive. You can show off your favorite bookstores and libraries (eg., mine include the Harvard Bookstore, Shakespeare and Company and the Boston Athenaeum) and keep track of interesting events. Then you can find out who else loves the places you do, and who else is going to events. You can also find local members, write comments about the places you love and more.

You can see an example here where I have added information about the Dublin Book Festival which is on at the end of the week.

Although it will be a while before this feature builds into the rich stream of information and knowledge it has the potential too, it, like the recent Common Knowledge feature they rolled out are excellent ways to harness and pool the minds, thoughts and knowledge of their members to everyones advantage.

More pleased heading to sleep than I was waking up, is that good or bad?