HarperCollins buys The Friday Project (Apparently)

Eoin Purcell

From the Girl Friday Blog

Both Clare and Scott update with what little they can share.

The Telegraph has the full story and so too does The Bookseller:

HarperCollins, the book publishing giant owned by News Corporation, is poised to buy out of administration a small publishing house co-run by Scott Pack, the controversial former head buyer at Waterstone’s.

I hope the deal goes through, and that the people involved come out happy!

2 thoughts on “HarperCollins buys The Friday Project (Apparently)

  1. Any criticism of Clare Christian for selling out is ill informed asnd inexcuseable. She struggled to keep her independence. She ran out of options. I am one those writers whom she supported with her enthusiasm. I am grateful for the fight she put up. I bewail her loss of independence. I am hopeful that, once the deal is signed, she will sleep restfully for the first tme in months.

  2. Hello Simon,

    You won’t hear any criticism of Clare here, so the comment seems a little unnecessary.

    I take your point that she has supported writers, as I’d hope all good publishers would.

    Sadly I think it has moved beyond a sale to something of a liquidation which is an enormous loss in my view.


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