110 best books: The perfect library

The Telegraph offers a fine list with it’s suggested top 110 books. My particular happiness being awoken by the inclusion of Waugh’s classic trilogy:

Sword of Honour trilogy
Evelyn Waugh

A poignant, ironic study of the disintegration of aristocratic values in the face of blank bureaucracy and Second World War butchery, Men at Arms, Officers and Gentlemen and Unconditional Surrender are Waugh’s crowning achievements.

And the inclusion of Taylor’s frankly exhilarating work:

The Origins of the Second World War
A.J.P. Taylor

Was Hitler all that bad? Wasn’t he just an opportunist who took advantage of Anglo-French dithering and appeasement? The label ‘iconoclastic’ applies to few historians so well as it does to Taylor.

But dampened by the lack of Frost in the poetry section, ah well no list is perfect.

Liking lists again