17 thoughts on “Where is Authonomy?

  1. I’ve wondered if this has something to do with the new HC imprint that was announced just a week or two ago. I wish they’d get on with it. Anything is better than youwriteon.com.

  2. i couldn’t help but be slapped in the face with your use of “quite”. I thought you were an editor. i think i sea a problem there

  3. shannonyarbrough…

    Hi. I’m eagerly awaiting authonomy as well but I also recently uploaded my first chapter etc to http://www.youwriteon.com in the meantime. Just wanted to ask what you thought was wrong with it… seems like a good place to practise crafting/editing – both in response to comments on your work but also by looking at others’ stuff. Am I missing something?


  4. Gareth-

    Good luck with ywo. I thought it was a joke. I spent a lot of time and put a lot of effort into reading other’s work and giving meaningful feedback in order to earn points. The feedback I got in return was crap. People were just typing out stuff to get to their 100 word limit and not really giving good feedback. Plus, it took FOREVER to even get feedback. Sometimes, I went three and four weeks before the stupid system would assign my points to people. That meant either people weren’t using the system, or the system was just crap. I expect the latter. Anyway, I used up my points and abandoned the site all together. I hated it.

    Best of luck to you.


  5. Shannon

    Thanks for the info/advice. I’ll not get my hopes up too high but so far it’s been fairly ok with some useful feedback on my stuff. I’ve also enjoyed/benefitted from analysing all sorts of other work and giving feedback. Anyway, we’ll see how it goes.

    Eoin – sorry to hijack this post for a couple of comments – I’ll shut up now! I’m new to publishing (self-publishing in my case – Nov 07) and am learning loads about the industry etc from your blog – thanks and keep going.

    Cheers for now


  6. Right then.

    We are imposing a code freeze on Wednesday so that we can have Thursday to prepare the site and upload it to staging before replicating it to the server farm on either Thursday night or Friday.

    Authonomy is due to be made live on this Friday 18th of April. AFAIK this will be a beta trial for people who have signed up.

    However this will only be the case if HC dont blink at the last minute.

  7. April 18th? Fantastic. I’ve about had it with youwriteon.com. Total waste, so far. The spectrum of opinion is all over the place and limited to the 100 word minimum, which amounts usually to “I like it because I like it,” or “I don’t like it because I don’t like it.”

    Gee, thanks. You’ve been a huge help.

    And you’re dead on with the waiting. I can’t quite beat three weeks, but I’ve been over 2 before (my average is about 12 days).

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