Serious non-fiction: Weidenfeld hits back

Eoin Purcell

Weidenfeld hits back
So Bodley Head and Random think there is life in serious non-fiction and judging from his comments, there is life in Lord Weidenfeld too. And he stands by serious non-fiction according to the bookseller:

Weidenfeld called the Observer story “a mischievous and misleading bit of journalism”. He said: “It is a complete misrepresentation. We particularly take pride in our distinguished list of biographies, history and current affairs titles. We have written off some of our non-fiction list, but not at the expense of serious historical authors. We are still bringing out major celebrity memoirs. What we have rid ourselves of is middle of the road journalistic popularisations whose time has gone and do not have much of a market.”

You have to admire the fire there. Read the rest here.

Oh and here is the link to Bodley Head that I forgot the other day,

One thought on “Serious non-fiction: Weidenfeld hits back

  1. Thank you for posting that, Eoin! The whole article was encouraging – and I was pleased to hear that the cut authors were finding publishing homes elsewhere. With the market so fragile, bad news these days can have a serious impact.

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