Authonomy not far away

Eoin Purcell

You read it in the comments here first (Here)
And now a blog post on Authonomy’s Development blog confirms it, we are close to a private beta launch:

The blog’s new and impressively yellow rebrand heralds the imminent arrival of authonomy’s private beta launch. While we’ve still a little way to go on the full development (there’s plenty of bells and whistles to be added), a site like authonomy is really nothing without its community. And on that basis, we’ll soon be delighted to invite the first few hundred names on our email list to set up residence, behind closed doors, in the very first incarnation of the site.

Let the fun begin!

2 thoughts on “Authonomy not far away

  1. Eoin, This looks like fun. I’m going to give it a try when it’s available (I signed up, but don’t know if I’m part of the “first few hundred names.”)

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