Here come the Europeans

Eoin Purcell

You think I’m joking!
But I’m not:

In a ranking of global publishers, the deal will take the combined group to just outside the top five, competing for sixth position with Hachette Livre. Significantly, it will be the only group in the top 10 not to have either a UK or US presence.


Whither the book trade

Eoin Purcell

Andrew Crawford of my favourite online retailer
Has a blog today over on The Bookseller. What I like about it is the way he happily turns book publishers worries on tehir heads and back again. For instance:

What should worry retailers is that publishers are the market makers: they filter, spot trends, create demand and even support retailers to promote their products. Large publishers are in a position to become better booksellers than some retailers, and this will be increasingly apparent with the take-up of electronic content.

Parried rather excellently by this bit:

Amazon has the power to connect an author to a large number of readers directly. Publishers truly add value, but it is not unfeasible for Amazon to acquire publishing talent to really beef up BookSurge’s proposition. Remember that Barnes & Noble bought Sterling Publishing and Spark­Notes, and now has a thriving classics line.

So I’m left wondering if I should be terrified or hopeful! Worth reading.

Not impressed by the return of Gladiators

Murphy’s Ice Cream Book of Sweet Things

Eoin Purcell

What a week
And a great ending too. Thursday evening saw me fly from Dublin to Kerry and then driving to Dingle for the launch of Murphy’s Ice Cream Book Of Sweet Things. Kieran has a great pair of posts on the two launches but I thought I’d post some of my own.

I couldn’t be more happy with the book (a reflection on the excellent team at Mercier Press) and working with the Murphy’s has been a delight from start to finish.

Go and buy it