Jane Friedman leaving HarperCollins

Eoin Purcell

Leaving Harper
This is fairly big news, even the Wall Street Journal is reporting it:

Jane Friedman is leaving as president and chief executive officer of News Corp.’s HarperCollins Publishers Worldwide, the second book-publishing chief to exit in a few weeks.

Gawker are a little more sensationalist about it (as you’d expect):

We’re hearing a wild rumor that Jane Friedman was just fired from her perch atop News Corp.’s HarperCollins. If true, this would sure lend a hefty dose of irony to the publishing executive’s quote in the Observer today, gleaned from an industry party on the Twentieth Century Fox lot Saturday: “I love being CEO of HarperCollins!”

Two majors changing leaders within weeks. It is a touch time to be at the top it seems!

Busy, Busy,

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