Irish publishers’ mission, according to Tony Farmar

Eoin Purcell

Spotted on The Quillblog
This gem from Tony Farmar:

Our problem now is to move [Irish publishers’ market share] from 15% to 50%

In some senses he is right and in others he is wrong. It would be wonderful for Irish publishers to control 50% of the Irish book market. That much is uncontested.

But I think Tony’s words may have been taken a little out of context (NOTE: I don’t know though, as I wasn’t there) because the 85% of the market that is described as being held by British publishers, is held by international publishers and our chances of shifting that share are limited.

Still, I do think we can go toe to toe on a project by project basis. We need to choose the right books, the right authors and the right time for sure, but there is no reason why even small Irish publishers cannot deliver superior products and promotion for lead titles.

Let’s see what Autumn brings

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