Paperless Proofs: the way forward?

Eoin Purcell

I was in Edinburgh on Wednesday
At the Scottish Publishing Centre for a training course in proofing. I really enjoyed the course as I needed the direction. The tutor was Barbara Horn who was incredibly friendly, very good at what she did and very efficient too. I really learned a hell of a lot.

The reason I bring it up is because, during our lunch break, Barbara showed us an very very exciting new program called Paperless Proofs.

The basic idea is to take the paper out of the proofing process and make the entire editorial workflow, digital. I like what it has to offer and I thought it worth posting about.

My only concern is that if one is going to proof online, why not cut out the unnecessary stages altogether and proof in Indesign or Quark and actually make the change. Using Paperless Proofs, at least record is created though and can be filed for tracking, even if in doing so you institute a whole extra level of process.

Still, it struck me as an interesting move forward.

Ahh the weekend,

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