Interesting, Fun and Work

Eoin Purcell

That is my work is interesting and fun
And when we get reviews like this one, how could it not be:

If it’s humorous accounts you’re after, then stick to Tony Hawks’ ‘Round Ireland with a Fridge’ but for a one-stop-shop guide to the best action adventures in Ireland, this is it.

And then there are the new authors
The ones who are going to go on to big things. In this case, Susan Connolly. In fact, about 3 years ago, I met Susan on a Luas having not seen her for a while. She told me she had written some stuff, I said, “Send it on!” and she didn’t!

Damsel finally came to me more as her friend then as a potential publisher. So when I suggested we make an offer for it, I think she was surprised. Nonetheless we persevered and with a help from the lovely Faith O’Grady at Lisa Richards we agreed a deal for Irish Rights.

Susan has a great future ahead of her and I’m glad Mercier will be part of that.

Writing lots of new title notes

PS: Padraig Woods has a fantastic selection of Flickr images here.