Links of Interest (At Least to Me) 17/07/2008

Eoin Purcell

The I missed a lot in the last few days edition

Publishing News is closing shop on its print and online news operations. These seems sad and a little depressing to me. I like The Bookseller and I have enjoyed the way their website has grown more functional and useful over the last year or so, but a bit of competition never goes astray.

Speaking of The Bookseller, Penguin CEO John Makinson has a nice little piece online there about the forbiding nature of the Publishing industry to outsiders.

Amazon have an HaperCollins implant working with them. Intriguing>

Alan Sutton, my former boss @ Nonsuch Ireland, comes back from the ashes again with a new firm. He never stays down that man. it’s pretty impressive. You’ll note too that the comment thread has had to be policed and clamped down for the night!

iTunes Apps Store turns out to be a bloody good way of selling e-books or at the very least of hosting them for sales. More on this next week when i think it through properly.
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