A Spot of Conflicting Copyrights For Apple’s Apps Store Books

Eoin Purcell

I don’t want to be a bore
But this ebook and this one too, should not be for sale in Ireland for another 3 years at least, yet they are. I know, I just bought one from the Apple Apps Store

Considering a new paperback edition of Ulysses is available for about £7.50 and Portrait Of The Artist for a measly £2.50 on The Book Depository, I’d say 79 cent each is a massive bargain.

The copyright on Joyce‘s works has lapsed in the US if I’m not mistaken (or at least if Wikipedia is not mistaken) but not here or in the UK. I’ll be Apple never anticipated a territorial issue with iPhone Apps?

The Joyce estate will no doubt be onto this one quick, in the meantime, download away. Hopefully this post will not be prescient if the ebooks are eventually withdrawn.

Mildly amused

3 thoughts on “A Spot of Conflicting Copyrights For Apple’s Apps Store Books

  1. Hmm, the Joyce estate will almost definitely be all over that! Quite enjoy the thought of someone, even Apple, getting one over on them! Thank you again for the marvellous chats and tea with Susan the other week, I have eventually stumbled upon your blog via Eoghan and Nathalie’s!

  2. Hi Eoin,

    I recall reading somewhere about how miserable the Joyce estate can be…no doubt making up for the fact that the esteemed author himself scribbled away in poverty… worked in other words… unlike his descendants

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