The Sony Reader WILL be on sale in Ireland

Eoin Purcell

You forget how easy a phone call can resolve questions sometimes
Or at least I do. In any case a quick call to Waterstones on Dawson Street, Dublin left me in no doubt about whether the Sony Reader will be available in September:


It will go on sale 4th September 2008, priced at €249 with free content and 500 bonus points for Waterstones card holders. Good news I should think, for all those who have an interest!

I’ll buy it, I can feel it in my bones,

3 thoughts on “The Sony Reader WILL be on sale in Ireland

  1. The only thing that bothers me is the cost of the books (some seem to be higher than online discount retailers charge for the physical product??) and DRM issues. I don’t mind so much paying a tenner for a new fiction title if I know I will have access to it forever and not run into any problems putting it onto a new reader etc. down the line.

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