Penguin’s practically perfect blog

Eoin Purcell

There is always a danger of over hyping Penguin
After all, as a brand it has acquired a cult status. Its classic design efforts are heralded as revolutionary (funny thing that) and it seems to garner much more attention for its every effort than other houses.

In any case it’s blog is surely one of the truest successes for the major publishers. It generates copious content. It somehow manages to promote penguin’s every effort without seeming TOO pr. It sparkles with personality and you get a sense that while it is controlled, it still allows freedom of expression and to top it all it generates a huge amount of interaction and comments.

I like it. I read it regularly and enjoy it. I think it shows what can be done by a publisher with a blog. Not that there aren’t many other publishers doing the same or better. They were certainly early off the mark (if not perhaps the first as they somewhat over confidently proclaimed in their first post). They have rolled nicely into their third year and I imagine it will continue for some time to come.

There really isn’t much more to say.
Happy birthday to me

9 thoughts on “Penguin’s practically perfect blog

  1. Okay, so Penguin are the master bloggers (and the We Tell Stories experiment was really interesting) but Penguin Dating…??


  2. A belated very happy birthday to you! And thanks for a) the diligent and engaging overview of blogging efforts from publishers, and b) your positive comments on our blogging at Macmillan.

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