Update on blogging and the majors

Eoin Purcell

Half way there
So I am about half way through the biggies but I have a few thoughts.

    1) The scattered nature of the major publishing conglomorates makes being sure you have all their blogging efforts included very difficult.
    2) There is currently no hard and fast rules for what works. Some houses are doing well with multiple blogs, others (and I’m thinking of one that I will be posting on later today) are doing well with a single blog.
    3) Some imprints are clearly ahead of their rivals which makes sense in that those imprints have distinct identities and management.
    4) Publishers are embracing blogging across the board.
    5) When I finish the majors I’m going to need a lot of work to address the work of smaller publishers and I’m not sure how to do that yet. Advice welcomed!

Just sketching up a New Title Meeting presentation,

One thought on “Update on blogging and the majors

  1. Thank you for sharing all this hard work you’re doing!

    I hadn’t been aware how far publishers had come with blogs, interactive websites, etc….and now feel quite a fool for not thinking to look for them before. I’ve been subscribing to the ones I like as you’ve gone along, and look forward to more.

    Good luck with the presentation.

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