Harper Studio Blogs too!

Eoin Purcell

Publishers’ Lunch points us in the direction of the new blog, the 26thStory, from Harper Studio, Bob Miller’s new imprint:
HarperStudio is committed to partnering with authors to publish books in a way that is effective, creative, and sustainable. We believe books are a vital part of our culture. We believe traditional publishing models are broken and are experimenting with new ones. We believe in embracing technology. We believe the future is now.

Well worth reading some of their posts. Like this one written on the death of Roger Giroux, a more thoughtful piece than many of the obituaries I’ve read to date:

1) Giroux probably wouldn’t have been interested in participating in the mega-auctions held by agents today.

He relied on his own editorial acumen to sniff out great works of literature—works that were often rejected by other publishers including “Wise Blood” by Flannery O’Connor and Bernard Malamud’s The Natural. And when his superiors didn’t let him exercise his judgment, as was the case with The Catcher in the Rye which he was forced to reject because his employer at the time felt it ‘wasn’t right for the house,’ he left.

Go enjoy!

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