Some amazing reviews for Billy O’Callaghan’s In Exile

Eoin Purcell

In Exile
Front Cover Picture: In Exile

Pleasant Notes
I spent some time on Amazon today and stumbled across some wonderful notes on Billy O’Callaghan’s really excellent collection, In Exile which we released in June:

Each story in this book is a literary gem. The style, the language are breathtaking. Each sentence begs to be reread. The atmosphere, the people haunt you. The heart of Ireland seems to emerge from the mists and becomes part of our own memories. It’s lyrical, it’s harsh, it touches us profoundly.

from Marianna.

A fine and varied collection. I’m looking forward to whatever the unusual imagination of this writer will offer in years to come.

from John.

I am certain that this writer will be an important voice in Irish literature in the years to come. Highly recommended!

from Jakob.

I like good news on a Sunday,