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Eoin Purcell

On a whim
I flew over to London yesterday afternoon for the launch of Richard Charkin’s book. Macmillan, where Richard was CEO prior to joining Bloomsbury, decided to publish the Charkinblog as a print on demand book (and what a book).

The trip was well worth it. I enjoyed the trip, the event itself and meeting people I normally only converse with digitally. I also bumped into Sara Lloyd, Head of Digital @ Pan Macmillan who promised to, and duly did, send on a long mooted guest post (it will go live tomorrow).

I forgot to take a digital camera otherwise I’d have a few pics. All in all a fine evening and a great book. It’s steep in Euro terms at over €50.00 but worth it.

Winding down for the day,

Bloomsbury buys Berg

Eoin Purcell

More here
Following on from their recent announcement of Bloomsbury Academic, this is a pretty logical move. The database note is also fascinating. They are placing some hefty bets on digital content but in non-trade areas which seems sensible. From the piece:

Oxford-based Berg has a particular focus on books and journals for the academic student market in the fields of fashion, design and culture studies.

It is in the process of creating a major online subscription-based resource, the Berg Fashion Library, for fashion students, lecturers and the broader industry, scheduled for launch in 2010.

Liking the smartness,