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Eoin Purcell

On a whim
I flew over to London yesterday afternoon for the launch of Richard Charkin’s book. Macmillan, where Richard was CEO prior to joining Bloomsbury, decided to publish the Charkinblog as a print on demand book (and what a book).

The trip was well worth it. I enjoyed the trip, the event itself and meeting people I normally only converse with digitally. I also bumped into Sara Lloyd, Head of Digital @ Pan Macmillan who promised to, and duly did, send on a long mooted guest post (it will go live tomorrow).

I forgot to take a digital camera otherwise I’d have a few pics. All in all a fine evening and a great book. It’s steep in Euro terms at over €50.00 but worth it.

Winding down for the day,

7 thoughts on “Charkin blog book

  1. I’ve moved completely away from traditional publishing, going it on my own as an indie writer on the net…and I’ve never been happier. No more two year waits and then having a manuscript returned with an imprint of a coffee mug on the title page. No more lying editors and moron agents looking for the next Sophie Kinsella.

    Cyberspace is the perfect haven and sanctuary for indie writers. A direct connection with readers, an escape from the publishing grind…

  2. Sara’s post will go LOVE tomorrow? Oh my…is there something you’re not telling?


    No way could I pay 50 euros for anything less than a dictionary or other reference book; but I am glad he’s done it. The more choices we have for publishing our work the better, I think.

  3. Cliff,

    Good for you Cliff! Sounds like you have hit your stride on cyberspace!


    I think the price is worth it! But it is great that he did it!
    As for the love/live bit, just me dashing off a post too hastily!

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