Other thoughts on the Google Book Search Deal

Eoin Purcell

PersonaNonDate & Booksquare seem to have it right:

All around on the surface this looks like an excellent compromise. Indeed, it could represent a momentous shift in the way we interact with books and book content. Congratulations to all parties for getting this agreement completed without too much blood spent.


Still, it’s an even bigger win for the publishing industry. It continues to baffle me that it took approximately three years of litigation to get this far. That’s three years of lost gains and potential lost revenues. Makes my head hurt to think that so much time was wasted. Recall, if you will, that during this dead period, Amazon was able to introduce the closed-system Kindle, creating another kind of pressure on publishers to fall in line with an Internet giant.

UPDATE! O’Reilly’s TOC blog are updating and linking out too! Worth keeping an eye on!
I’m sure there will be more and I have a few thoughts of my own which I will post tomorrow!

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