Quick Poll – The Irish Consumer Market Up/Down/The Same

Eoin Purcell

As a little add on to my post on the publishing recession. This is a total guessing game but it is worth a shot.

There are three weeks left in the year. Two of those weeks will be big pre-Christmas weeks and one might as well be a non week though given the pre-Christmas sales it could be a big one for volume if not for value.

The market is standing just over €140 Million (thanks for the pointer there Walter, should have made it clearer) in value terms right now. We will have figures on 16, 23 and sometime around 30 December.

So based on this, answer the poll question below. Feel free to add your own guesses as to the total.

Let’s see what ye all think!

3 thoughts on “Quick Poll – The Irish Consumer Market Up/Down/The Same

  1. I assume you are talking about euros – i.e. the value of the market, not the number of units sold. But if it should be the latter, then I stand in awe of the Irish reading public.

    By the way, what about a response to the email I sent you the other week?


    Walter Ellis
    New York

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