Links of Interest (At least to Me) 19/12/2008

Eoin Purcell

Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat …

Please look at these two “books every X must read” lists. Both interest both fun and both hopelessly aspirational (though the female version considerably less so than the male). [Hat Tip Editorial Ass]
Here (male) & Here (female)

A rather angry but rather good post on the Huffington Post about how publishing is engaged in a self fulfilling Prophecy that dictates that men don’t read.

O”Brien Press sell’s Celine Kieran’s Moorehawke Trilogy to Little, Brown for UK/US publication. Of course no one noticed the book until those rights sold even though the German and other rights were pretty big deals in themselves. Funny place my native land.

The Bookseller highlights the massive discounting in the UK, we have that here but I hardly have the time to do the sums!

Damn I’m tired!

One thought on “Links of Interest (At least to Me) 19/12/2008

  1. Uh oh, I prefer (& have read far more from!) the men’s list. What does that mean?? 😦

    Raymond Carver & James Salter are better than Isabel Allende and Valerie Martin any day (and that’s oming from a girl :))

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