The Final 2008 Numbers

Eoin Purcell

So much for our angst
The figures for week 52 of 2008 are in and the good news is that the Irish Consumer [books] Market crushed the 2007 figure both in volume and value terms.

In 2007 the total value of sales for the year was €153 Million. That figure for 2008 was €165 Million (give or take a few 100k). That is a stonking 7.8% year on year increase in market value. I’m pretty sure that is an unexpected result for most publishers. It seems the 20% of voters who thought the market would beat 2007 were on the money.

The fly in the eye of these figures though is volume which is up even more than the value figure with an increase of just under 15.5%. I’ve some digging and calculations to do but that means the Average Selling Price per book is well down.

Enjoying the break!

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