Links of Interest (At Least to Me) 06/01/2009

Eoin Purcell

An interesting acquisition by Pandora and relevant because Badger is part of Edco a primarily Irish firm.

Only $1.6 Million for Laura Bush, maybe this recession IS hitting celeb biogs.

But then you read the Leona Lewis will write one and you realise that no, it’s alive and kicking

I’m not a fan of the Princess Diaries series, but then I’m not the target audience, I do like the little sweet spot at the end. They are publishing a companion volume that is supposed to have been written by the lead character. NICE!

WSJ have pretty much made the whole of this article on the book industry free access and its well worth reading and considering

Borders US has a new boss, out with the old in with the new I suppose.

Just before Christmas The New York Observer had a nice piece on Bloomsbury USA.

One author tells publishers where they went wrong

Pointing in the almost unavoidable direction of the digital, Lonely Planet appoints a new CEO

David does a whip around of 2008 so we don’t have to!

God there are a lot today! I think tomorrow I’ll emerge from my festive/toochache fug and post some more!

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