Why I HATE One Dollar Orbit

Eoin Purcell

You might wonder why I hate something that is such good value. E-books of sci-fi books I am almost sure to enjoy for the startlingly low price of $1?

Simply put, because I cannot buy them
I know its selfish, it is hardly Orbit US’ fault, but I was so excited by the idea I went straight to the website and tried to buy something, I mean ONE DOllAR. I am technically banned from buying any books until I read nine books from my newly acquired list of TBR, but an e-book is not a paper book and a dollar is nothing! And then the book was one I have spied in several places and thought “now that looks good”. BUT I couldn’t buy it, I was restricted by territoriality!

Funnily enough this is touched on today by bigger news here & here.

As a publisher I should care about this but as a consumer I just think what a freaking waste of my time, effort, attention and interest. Now I hate a thing that I should have loved! This nonsense will just have to stop, I cannot see territoriality of e-books lasting very long but that probably means it will last for ever!


4 thoughts on “Why I HATE One Dollar Orbit

  1. Not long ago I came across an author’s website that was offering one of her books free, in the electronic version. I thought that would be a perfect way to try out e-books, so I clicked the ‘download’ button.

    Two and a half hours of frustration later, I decided:

    Before, I only needed a bit of encouragement (like the promise of a freebie), but if I ever try e-books again it’s going to take much more; I’m completely turned off and disappointed, when I was hoping to be thrilled with a new way to buy books.

    It will take a lot to get me to try again, I think.

  2. I’ve seen this happening quite a bit recently. Between territoriality and the outrageous and unjustifiably high price of ebooks, the industry is effectively marginialising a technology that should complement the physical book and not be seen as either a threat or a nine-day wonder. I’ve embraced the Sony reader wholeheartedly but have been very selective in what I’ve bought. WHSmith had a 50%-off sale recently which was fantatsic but it’s very much the exception.

  3. Hi Eoin
    The book, Grannies Recipes is very nice. I wrote a review for the Limerick Independent with recipes which will be published next Wed. I want to mail you about something else, please pass on a mail address

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