The Blog Awards Long List 2009

Eoin Purcell

A rake of Mercier authors made the Irish Blog Awards Longlist!
The wonderful Grandad made two lists; Best Personal Blog and Best Humour Blog. You can buy his book on the newly web-sales enabled Mercier Press website here.

The divine ice-cream making, Book of Sweet Things writing, Murphy’s made two lists as well; Best Food/Drink Blog and Best Blog of a Business.

Peter-Pan playing, author of the upcoming Good Mood Food cookery book, Donal Skehan made the Best Food/Drink Blog category too!

Some great writery types got a nod as well
Children’s fiction blogs Very Hungry Caterpillar and David Maybury (who today rather kindly pointed out some of our upcoming titles).

Sinead Keogh made it for her, Reverting To Type blog as did the excellent Declan Burke of Crime Always Pays.

And some others too
Friends of the blog, Casacaseycourtney made it under two categories as did Egoeccentric* my personal choice for Best Pop Culture blog.

All told an impressive long list in pretty much every category. I’ll be amazed if this humble offering survives the cull before the shortlist!

Spend the evening reading!

*On this one I am totally biased but at least I admit it!

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5 thoughts on “The Blog Awards Long List 2009

  1. Congratulations! I’m up against you too; not a hope of making it much farther but enjoying it all so far. My Google Reader has nearly doubled since this started, I’ve been finding so many good blogs from the nominations—lots of interesting people and talent!

  2. It’s altogether very exciting. The lovely Sarah from our pre-CBI lunch made it too in the Specialist category.

  3. Eoin, hearty congratulations! I’m looking forward to checking out the blogs you mention, but am also just happy that I finally seem to have some time to read the blogs I already think of as crucial, like yours.

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