3 thoughts on “Go Kindle2

  1. It does look nice. Why doesn’t it work in Ireland? Silly Amazon. Don’t they know that Ireland is the Land Where People Actually Still Read?? I’ve recently sworn off wanting things, there being an economic crisis and all, but I’m having a hard time foregoing this one.

  2. Between the Kindle’s abilities and the price of ebooks, I’d ABSOLUTELY want one. Unfortunately, my two experiences with trying to buy ebooks online makes me want to stay away from them forever.

    So, I’m happy to wait…but a bit envious of the NYers who are Kindling away.

  3. I’m curious but not enough to pay that much for it in this incarnation at least. The issues with wifi could go on another while I reckon; no definitive answer on when it’s coming so I’ll believe it when I see it!

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