Links of Interest (At Least To Me) 02/03/2008

Eoin Purcell

Not everyone is losing money in the CEE*. Pearson (Penguin’s parent) is coming up smelling of roses. Good for them.

Random makes what I think is a smart acquisition though, in the CEE*, some might demur.

Faber are launching a nice promotion for their What Price Liberty book. A pay what price you like for an ebook version.
Story Here & Microsite Here

All very interesting!

*CEE: Current Economic Environment

2 thoughts on “Links of Interest (At Least To Me) 02/03/2008

  1. I wept a silent tear when I heard about Ten Speed. Always one of the most inspiring stands at Frankfurt, they are an excellent publisher. I’m sure they will have a good life etc under RH, but they were a great independent.

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