Links of Interest (At Least to Me) 05/03/2009

You have to wonder what goes on in the heads of publishing firms sometimes. A week after closing teh Collins division in the US, HarperCollins announces a new one (It Books) focused:

on pop culture, sports, style and content derived from the Internet, like a planned collection of Twitter posts called “Twitter Wit.”


The wonderful Bookbrunch which has caused the equally wonderful Bookseller to raise its game has decided to start charging for its service, an inevitable move and one I welcome. There is nothing wrong with asking people to pay for your hard work. The rates seem pretty reasonable too:

Individual subscription prices are as follows:

3 months subscription – £30
6 months subscription – £55
12 months subscription – £99


Delia and Gordon go head to head for the top spot. I think you should just buy both as this amazon offer suggests and in these recessionary times, £24 is a damn good price.


2 thoughts on “Links of Interest (At Least to Me) 05/03/2009

  1. Oh, I do love that egg cup!

    As for twitter wit, those things aren’t really books — they’re humor objects. Which is fine, I guess, except whenever I see a novelty thing like that I wonder what really fine book by some unknown writer ISN’T being purchased.

    Except, I suppose they’re two different products and the one doesn’t diminish the other. What I need to do right now is eat a soft boiled egg, dunk some toast soldiers in it and grow a teensy bigger sense of humor.

  2. The egg sounds good alright!

    I have to say I tend somewhat to agree with your view regarding the twitter books and whatnot. My feeling was, why shutter Collins and then pump more of this nonsense into the market!


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