The Irishman who finished Paxman’s book

Eoin Purcell

Odd but honest
I read a great story today in The Bookseller headlined: Paxman hit finished by Irish writer

It goes into considerable detail and its fascinating:

Paxman stated that he resisted repeated requests from the book’s editor, Albert DePetrillo, to write the book, and added: “In the end, the solution arrived in the form of the young Irish writer, Neil Hegarty. Quite apart from pulling together the various elements—scripts, research notes, ideas and other material—his creative talents ensured, I hope, that the book is a worthwhile thing in its own right. He is a gifted writer and we shall, I think, hear much more from him.”

Published in February to coincide with a landmark BBC series, reviews of the television tie-in had highlighted Paxman’s ability to “turn a phrase”. The book is riding high at number eight in this week’s hardback non-fiction list.

BBC Books publicist Caroline Newbury said: “The TV series and book stemmed from Jeremy’s own fascination with Victorian art. Well before the series went into production he had been researching the topic and had written a lengthy introduction and outline for the book, as well as the scripts for the series. In order to help shape the text he had already begun, Jeremy worked with Neil Hegarty to bring the book to completion. Neil’s role in editing Jeremy’s material and supplying additional research is fully credited in the acknowledgements and the publishing page of The Victorians.”

And here is the website of the man who ACTUALLY wrote the book.