An interesting option for a summer intern

Eoin Purcell

Hire Mulley: You know you want to
Damien Mulley who seems to control the Irish Blogosphere is offering himself out as a summer intern:

I’d like to do 4-5 internships, each 5-7 days in duration over the Summer months with some companies. Maybe this idea will work, maybe it won’t.

Quite a snappy idea and one I’d be very tempted by from both sides. As an employer/company I can see how having someone with a completely different set of skills in the office for a week would be incredible for the business. Even simple questions could have big impacts: Why do you do it that way? for instance might force us to challenge our assumptions.

But from the intern’s perspective it is gold dust too. Damien hits on where the value is:

Again it’s down to that immersion thing. Some good examples are when you’re onsite and people ask each other advice and you know you have a better way of doing something they already believe they are doing efficiently. Bit like Twitter ain’t it? The conversational subtleties are where the gold is.

So good luck to Damien.
Go hire him here!