How many books do you need to sell to be successful in Ireland?

Eoin Purcell

Here’s A Question
I’m trying to get to grips with what people in Ireland THINK about success is in terms of booksales (of any kind of book: Fiction, Non-Fiction, High, Middle or Low Brow, hardback or paperback). It is something, as a publisher you always wonder. It is also a pretty important thing to have a handle on. After all if you KNOW what constitutes success and your authors have a PERCEPTION of what constitutes success and those two do not match, then you have a problem.

Mostly I suspect that both Irish authors and Irish consumers either have no clear idea of what a successful book would sell or THINK that they have a good idea. Much as nearly everybody I have met who doesn’t work in the industry thinks that editors, commissioning editors and publishers are paid large salaries (if only!). My sister is better off as a primary school teacher than most editors I know.

In any case, to try and get to the bottom of what people think or know I’ve devised a quick poll. It is not sophisticated or clever. In fact, it is quite basic but it does what it says on the tin. I’d love if people could share it, link to it and encourage as many people as possible to offer their thoughts and opinions.

If you have any follow up questions, let me know (eoin[DOT]purcell[AT] and I will get back to you.
UPDATE: If you would like to base this on a time period, try per year!

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