Take Unge’s Survey on Books

Getting Data
I got an e-mail from a UCC Student, Ugne Rauckyte, who needs ppeople to take an online survey on Books and bookselling in Ireland. The goal is below and I think it is pretty important that we get as much data as possible about the Irish market, because we lacks an awful lot of it. Please take some time to do the survey!

I am a masters student in UCC conducting some research into the bookselling industry. This survey is aiming to find out the new trends and changes in consumer preferences and tastes in the bookselling industry. All responses are 100% anonymous and will be kept confidential. I would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire. Your help is very much appreciated.

The poll is here!

Damn it is rainy today, if you happen to be inside near a computer watch our minister for finance trying to save his version of NAMA on rte.ie/live!

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