Credit where it is due

Eoin Purcell

The Microsite Promo
The Microsite Promo

O’Brien are embracing the web
Irish publishers have been slow to engage with the web in a meaningful way, few if any have blogs [think I must spend a few posts dealing with those] and most have only barely functional websites (though that is changing pretty quickly in the last few years). O’Brien were one of the first to launch a good blog with a hesitant but nonetheless engaging voice (driven primarily by Ivan O’Brien who has a pretty hefty knowledge base in this area).

In any case, O’Brien have had enormous rights success with Celine Kiernan’s (visit here personal site here) excellent Moorehawk Trilogy. Now they have launched a new mini-site for the series and it’s rather nice. Hoping they’ll role some more features for the site as the series grows, perhaps even some social network type connections, but its a very fine start.

Raining again, what a terrible summer it has been here