Irish book links to kick the week off!

O’Brien‘s upcoming Blood upon the Rose by Gerry Hunt is featured in the Irish Times. if the title of the article is a little dismissive (The Rising: now with speech bubbles) the toe of the piece makes up for it. Nice review for a great project.

Merlin’s tell all on Kathy French is previewed in the Independent. The book is by Jason O’Toole who has been releasing quite a few books lately!

Tom Galvin in the Herald has a side swipe at the Ryan Tubridy and Gerry Ryan while talking up Terry Wogan’s new memoir.

For the first time in a good while, the Irish Times makes a feature of quite a few serious Irish non-fiction titles including New Island’s new Mary Kenny release, Crown and Shamrock: Love and Hate Between Ireland and the British Monarchy, Matt Cooper’s Who Really Runs Ireland? The story of the elite who led Ireland from bust to boom … and back again and Diarmaid Ferriter’s Occasions of Sin: Sex and Society in Modern Ireland. Not to mention that they also reviewed Joe Joyce’s, The Guinnesses: The Untold Story of Ireland’s Most Successful Family, but then given the week that was in it not doing something in that vein would have been hard.

It was refreshing to see a good crop of Irish authored (if not all Irish published) books reviewed! Given the way things are going, I think I’ll just have to be happy with authored!

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