A Quick Book Recommendation: Blood Of Ambrose

Blood Of AmbroseI finished Blood Of Ambrose by James Enge last week. It was a fine read that made me smile several times which all the best Fantasy novels will.

The book has one of the finest opening lines I have read in some time and in fact, Pyr offer you the whole first chapter as a taster so I’ll not ruin the day by sharing it:

The King was screaming in the throne room when the Protector’s Men arrived.

It sets up a series of expectation that are destroyed but exceeded if that is possible! I’m looking forward to the follow on, This Crooked Way. You can find the sample chapter of that book here.

Pyr really are publishing some great books,

Hachette Ireland Launches Website

It’s nice to see Hachette launch a proper Irish web presence. As one of the biggest Trade Publishers on the island it seemed strange to me that they didn’t have a proper site (although I know they did in the past).

If I had one problem, it’s my perennial complaint. The news & events page which looks good doesn’t supply an RSS feed and they don’t offer a mailing list sign up. That seems to me a lost opportunity to engage with their readers.

One nice feature is that the author pages can pull in title info on request. They could do with increasing the content on those pages but for now they have a good solid site.

Struggling with a head cold, not pleasant.