Day: July 14, 2010

Go Read This | E-book Sales Rose 167% in May

The most telling details for me is the clear shifting of the market towards hardback and ebook and away from paperbacks, is this a secular trend that we can expect to persist?

In some other trade segments, adult hardcover sales jumped 43.2%, to $138.5 million, at the 17 publishers that report results. Sales at nine mass market paperback publishers fell 14.6% in May, to $53.6 million. For the five months, mass market paperback sales were down 7.3%, to $264.8 million; that decline coupled with the rapid growth of e-books puts the e-book market at 55% of the size of the mass market paperback market.

E-book Sales Rose 167% in May

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Quick Link | A Confederate Agent in Ireland « Irish in the American Civil War

This is fascinating stuff!

In July 1863 Lieutenant J.L. Capston, a cavalry officer, received a letter from Confederate Secretary of State Judah P. Benjamin indicating that he was to be reassigned. His destination was Ireland, and his task was to use legitimate means to counteract the work of agents of the United States operating there. His ultimate mission was to prevent the Irish from emigrating to the north and enlisting in Federal armies.

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