Go Read This | E-book Sales Rose 167% in May

The most telling details for me is the clear shifting of the market towards hardback and ebook and away from paperbacks, is this a secular trend that we can expect to persist?

In some other trade segments, adult hardcover sales jumped 43.2%, to $138.5 million, at the 17 publishers that report results. Sales at nine mass market paperback publishers fell 14.6% in May, to $53.6 million. For the five months, mass market paperback sales were down 7.3%, to $264.8 million; that decline coupled with the rapid growth of e-books puts the e-book market at 55% of the size of the mass market paperback market.

E-book Sales Rose 167% in May

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3 thoughts on “Go Read This | E-book Sales Rose 167% in May

  1. that’s in line with the increase in our ebook sales for May. However, June saw a huge increase in sales, due to a write up in Kindle Nation. Kindle sales account for over 90% of our ebook sales.

    1. That’s I think the general experience with some changes at the edges and some intimations that Apple is having impact with iBooks! it will be interesting to see what the % market share look like in 3 months. I’d expect kindle to be a lot less by then!

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