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What a week for books I’ve commissioned it is turning out to be! Laurence Fenton’s The Young Ireland Rebellion and Limerick was featured in the Irish Examiner at the weekend. I’m delighted, it’s a fine book on a fascinating topic:

LAURENCE FENTON has written a tantalising introduction to the events leading to the Young Ireland rebellion of 1848.

The author’s goal was to “explore the manner in which the men and women of Limerick reacted to the tumultuous year of revolutions”.

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Go Read This | Nook Drives 21% Increase in Revenue for Barnes & Noble

For some reason I’m amazed by the success of Barnes & Noble (and Kobo formerly of Indigo now independent) retailers when they move into the ebook space.

It makes me wonder what the difference is in Britain and Ireland and why ebooks haven’t had the same impact at the retail level. Perhaps it’s the power of OWNING your own reader as both B&N and Kobo do?

Whatever the reason, I’m sure there are retailers in Ireland’s who’d welcome this kind of growth in digital sales.

The company cited sales of its e-reading device, the Nook, as the driving force behind the increase in online revenue. Sales of the device itself accelerated even further after the company reduced its price from $259 to $199 and added a $149 Wi-Fi-only version to its shelves in June. The bookseller also released apps for Android and iPhone devices this summer.

Barnes & Noble claims that e-book sales continue to accelerate week-over-week, and that owners of the company’s e-reader, which was launched nine months ago, have increased their spending with the bookseller by approximately 20% Barnes & Noble Chairman Leonard Riggio fixed that number at 17% during a conference call with investors in June. Roughly a quarter of these device owners had never before purchased anything from the company’s website.

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