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A very wise young woman I know has been saying this for ever. Why spend on an app for the Apple devices when you can for much less, make your websites faster on EVERYONE’s mobile. I agree wholeheartedly.

Marketers are spending money on iDevice apps at the expense of improving their mobile Web sites that everyone with a smart phone can access. According to Ahonen and Moore, iDevice app development actually costs 10 times more and reach is 50 times worse. Sex appeal will only trump pragmatic reach for so long.

via The Great App Bubble | Fast Company.

Go Read This | Print or Pixels? Publishers Strive to Advance Both – NYTimes.com

There is so much else here, but this stat just astounds me!

By the end of this year, 10.3 million people are expected to own e-readers in the United States, buying about 100 million e-books, the market research company Forrester predicts. This is up from 3.7 million e-readers and 30 million e-books sold last year.

via Print or Pixels? Publishers Strive to Advance Both – NYTimes.com.