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That which once was, is again eh? Love this model but it sure aint innovative in the sense of NEW. Though it is clever and sensible and old fashioned, but them in my experience, so is the Rumpus.

The Rumpus is printing 1,000 copies of Rumpus Women, half of which Elliot considers already sold to book club members. For $25 per month, book club members get a new book the month before publication and can then participate in online discussions about the book and a live online chat with the author.  The Rumpus runs on a tight budget, so, said Elliot, “the idea that weve already sold 500 copies to our members makes publishing the book possible. Well sell the remaining copies on the website and in bookstores but not until a month after our book club members have received their copies.” Currently, the club has about 360 members, but Elliot anticipates that number growing to 500 by December.

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Go Read This | Beyond Here There Be Dragons | Bait ‘n’ Beer

I thinK I have by accident stumbled across an pretty current topic for my TOC Frankfurt talk in October.

There are a few publishers who get this and do, in fact, have the people and systems to have a decent chance of pulling it off. Most that I can think of, Harlequin excepted, have their roots in the magazine business where these skills are like mother’s milk. Amazon certainly understands it as well.

While you’re busy building your community, don”t forget the object of the exercise is to make money from its members. Otherwise, you’re in Dragon Country.

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