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Sara Lloyd is great and to an extent, she is on the money with this column.  The problem is that she’s only right to the degree that we accept the current model is permanent.

We still have an eye to the future, of course. We still ask each other: “So . . . what do you think is the Next Big Thing?” We still geek out and ponder the impact of HTML5 on epub. We feel the need to prepare for that, but we’re feeling better and better equipped to do so.

The fear factor is abating. A sense of “business as usual, but different” is descending. Books are not being killed off. We’re simply adjusting to an additional format. Of course, this is exactly the time that we should all give ourselves a great big poke in the ribs, sit up straight and pay attention.

I tend to think it isn’t and while the book is in no danger (although it will certainly change and adapt and morph), publishers very much are. Which is why it’s nice to see here last lines:

Necessity is the mother of invention, but relaxation is the mother of a short sharp shock, so let’s not rest on our laurels. Not yet. Not for a long time

via Ugly rumours | theBookseller.com.

2 thoughts on “Go Read This | Ugly rumours | theBookseller.com

  1. Well said Eoin. One tends to be gloomy about the likelyhood of the Publishers not resting on their laurels though. They have had years of warning about the coming changeover to digital reading. They have had a decade of watching the experience of the Music Industry. Yet they still did not act. Even now they are clinging for dear life to the paper book and treating eBooks like a temporary phase where super profits can be wrung from. Few of the big 6 are showing any real signs of imaginative innovation. There are tiny signs… but very very slow ones. Recent pronouncements on geographical restrictions, for example, make one despair for any such signs.

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