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All that Litlove writes is well thought through and exquisitely written, this is no different. The theme is important, thought-provoking and relevant to publishers of al kinds,

But I also feel that the vastness of the web is producing its own issues now. When there are millions of blogs that could possibly be read out there, the inevitable consequence is a dissolution into insularity. When I first started writing and reading blogs, I had the impression of a huge virtual city, teeming with life. Now, four years later and several thousand book blogs richer, it feels more like I live in a blog village that is part of a network of other villages – all of which I could visit if I could follow the right pathways, except of course no signposts exist. It’s hard to track down blogs I really appreciate. I can arduously work my way through the blogrolls of others, I can google for reviews of the kinds of books I like and hope that produces good results (not just a bunch of blogs that no longer update). But what attracts one blogger to another is profoundly subjective and often unquantifiable, a matter of style, a question of voice. There’s no other way of tracking blogs down than individually, by trial and error and hours of visiting.

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One thought on “Go Read This | Blogging and Reaching Out « Tales from the Reading Room

  1. Litlove wrote “Which brings me to the (still) depressing thought that the rules of marketing dominate here as elsewhere. That if I want to attract attention, I have to produce something high-concept and on-trend (I put my rubber gloves on to type those words, ugh!) so that search engines can bring traffic my way. But once again, I’m preaching to the converted, I’m only attracting an audience who already possess a degree of knowledge – how to reach those who don’t know that there is something out there to know?”

    I think Litlove needs a little more imagination than that and it is unfortunate to see him finding it so difficult to think outside the box.
    Yes Marketing rules dominate, as in so many situations in life where we want to reach larger numbers of people. “something high-concept and on-trend” is not the only way. Search engines is a highly passive and hit-n-miss way to expect people to visit a blog.
    For a start he needs to get out and post to other blogs of interest to him and also to blogs where the kinds of people he wants to attract also visit. He then needs to post useful posts on those blogs and include his own blog link. All readers share the same challenge. They are looking for interesting blogs to follow and one way they find them is to read posts on their favourite blogs and follow the poster. This is how I came to visit Eoin Purcell’s blog on a regular basis recently.
    So there are many practical, cheap and effective ways of reaching people. Use the old noggin 🙂

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