Go Read This | The E-Publishing Success Narrative Will Have to Change

This is a nice corrective to the Ebook story, though in some ways too it glosses over the access point (that ebooks opens access to distribution for many unpublished authors, some good, others not).

Playing the either/or game is dangerous and misses the point of the whole discussion. So let’s repeat some more platitudes: e-books taking 10% of total trade market share is still 90% accounted for by print. E-publishing, at least for now, favors writers who generate or have generated a sizable backlist, ergo favoring genre fiction.

via The E-Publishing Success Narrative Will Have to Change.


  1. Hi Eoin,
    in line with the above and your tweet The Irish Story the following might be of interest.

    So far this month our Kindle sales on Amazon.co.uk have overtaken Amazon.com sales, with short stories doing very well. Also seeing steady increase on sales of ‘Heads’ since MediaBistro included the novel in their Best eBooks of 2010 List.

    Regarding ebook sales via other formats, we’re selling most books for Apple; #2, B + N; #3, Kobo; #4, Smashwords.


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