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There is much to be learned from this short post! Like why you need to think about what digital means for you and your situation!

Does anyone really think Simon & Schuster’s problems and opportunities are the same as Penguin’s (to say nothing of Unbridled Books’ or Coffee House Press’s)?  Are McGraw-Hill’s the same as Wolters Kluwers’? As The New York Times’? Should an indie bookseller in Madison adopt the same plan as one in Brooklyn and should either of them try to mimic Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

Of course nobody believes those things but you wouldn’t know it from reading about us in the mainstream press, in the trades, in blogs or on Twitter. Scare headlines, sweeping generalizations and bold assertions (generally unsupported by even the most scant data) are what we talk and argue about.

Our industry is complex, nuanced and undergoing change at an increasing rate. If we should have learned anything in the past year, it’s that every time we’re Absolutely Right, we can be pretty confident of being wrong.

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